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The Family Behind the Creations

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Our Vision

The Most Trusted Name in Construction Creating Abundance in Investments.

Our Mission

Khumbu Projects specializes in the alterations, extensions and development solutions of both residential and commercial property. Green is our colour and we lead the way in sustainable solutions, striving to leave everything better than we found it.

Khumbu Projects prides itself on a team built around family – with discipline, quality and integrity at the heart of every team member. We work hard at maintaining a high level of polite, professional and dependable service delivery.

We make it our responsibility to ensure that the quality of every product and service we deliver does not compromise on our values by selling you “peace of mind”.

Our clients value meticulous quality and attention to detail over price and appreciate that, once the job is done right, there will be no going back.

  • NO hidden costs
  • NO corners cut
  • NO cover ups

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Beautiful Builds, Beautiful Service

9 Reasons to Choose Khumbu Projects for your next creation

  • Supervised Teams 
    • We know how valuable your personal space and sanctuary is to you that’s why every team on site is led by a competent, polite and service-driven supervisor. Every member of the company undergoes screening before being allowed onto your property, ensuring we have trustworthy staff conducting the work.


  • Safe Environment for ALL 
    • Our staff all come to work safe and aim to return home safe on a daily basis. We ensure that you return home at the end of your hard worked day to a clean and safe environment without the stress of additional risks to your family.


  • Quality Workmanship 
    • The Joneses demand it, why should you beg for it? We will only ever deliver quality workmanship and prefer to decline any job if asked to shortcut on quality. We stick to a strict hold point regiment to ensure work is carried out to your requirements first time – with no need for callbacks and no miscommunication.


  • Project Management 
    • There is nothing worse than multiple contractors on your property pulling in different directions and blaming one another for any mistakes. That is why, when we work on your dream, we engage with all role players to understand the expectations and deliverables to ensure swift delivery for all.


  • Cleanliness 
    • Everything has a place and everything in its place. We guarantee a clean site on job completion and all snags will be completed prior to final invoice submission.


  • Open Communication 
    • We have found that when Bob the Builder doesn’t explain his full work process, there is 99% chance of the client not being 100% satisfied with the outcome. As a team we aim for 101% and to achieve this, we insist on involvement from all.


  • Competition 
    • We respect that in today’s world budgets are tight. However, construction is not a hobby for us, we take it very seriously to ensure that we secure a sustainable future for both company and client alike. We value fair competition. We advertise, promote and market our brand fairly and accurately and in a manner that reflects the high standards of Khumbu Projects.


  • Respect for the Law 
    • We abide by all governing laws, regulations and ordinances that pertain to the construction industry as prescribed by government, provincial and municipal. We practice proper financial, accounting and occupational health & safety procedures in accordance with all laws governing a privately held business.


  • Standards 
    • Being registered with NHBRC and Master Builders Association all our work is carried out in accordance with national regulations and standards. All our suppliers are registered with the necessary boards and regulators to ensure you peace of mind.