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24th August 2017

Reinforcement and Weatherproofing

Reinforcement Structural movement in buildings can be a common issue due to water damage or soil settlement. In a recent project we completed an office block, […]
6th June 2017
Retailer Refrigeration Plant Renovation

Pick n Pay Retailer Refrigeration Plant Renovation

A retailer approached us to renovate and secure their stores refrigeration plant, which was located on the outside of the shopping mall. We started by removing […]
13th April 2017
Khumbu Projects sturdy blocks new build

Sturdy Blocks

Sturdy blocks is an exciting new product that has recently come on to the market.     Building and cost saving attributes The mortar is a […]
28th March 2017
Cobblestone paving project

Cobblestone paving project

Paving is a great way to create space and always looks neat. This recent paving project began with removing existing stepping stones and vegetation, the entire […]